Retreats are an excellent opportunity to deepen your meditation practice and enjoy the company of other people who are exploring the Buddha's teachings. Our retreat program allows ample time for meditation, reflection and relaxation. Weekend retreats usually begin at around 7pm on the Friday evening and finish early afternoon on the Sunday.

Retreats are an excellent opportunity to deepen your meditation practice and enjoy the company of other people who are exploring the Buddha's teachings.

Bookings: we recommend that you reserve your place on retreat as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Still, late bookings are possible so please check with us if you decide to attend at the last minute.

Please book through the link listed below or by calling the Auckland Buddhist Centre tel. (09) 378 1120.

Venue: our residential retreats are mostly held at Sudarshanaloka Retreat Centre, Victoria Street, Tararu, Thames Coast. If you book on a retreat, we can send you directions on how to get there and a list of items you'll need to bring. People frequently carpool to retreat, so let us know if you can offer or need a lift to the retreat.

Meditation Experience: many of our retreats assume that you already know how to meditate and that you are actively practising meditation (or at least hoping to re-connect with a meditation practice that has waned). Some of our retreats are only open to people with an active and established meditation practice, please refer to the particular retreat to see if this might be the case. Unless noted, there is no beginner's meditation teaching provided on retreat.

Retreat Fees:
 weekend retreats held at Sudarshanaloka have a two-tiered structure $240/190. You choose what you can afford to pay.  Longer retreats, some special retreats (such as week long or long weekends) and those held at other venues have higher retreat costs due to the number of additional days or higher facility costs to us.

"Practising from the Inside"
workshops & non-residential retreats

The experiment is over .... these weekend workshops and non-residential weekend retreats are working. They create conditions different from just a 'normal weekend at home' without leaving to be 'somewhere else'. There are two primary themes for these weekends. First, they always include cultivating positive emotions like metta, patience, contentment, and equanimity. Second, they challenge our limiting notions of identity, our sticky emotional attachements, and our habitual volitional routines. All themes directly addressing the challenges and joys of cultivating our spiritual life in the midst of everyday living. These events are very meditative in quality, and approach the content through reflection rather than discussion.

Book for these non-residential weekends and workshops just like you would a residential retreat ... through the centre or the website. Cost $40 for workshops and $80 for non-residential retreats.

If you want to attend one of the non-residential retreats, we ask you to commit to attending every session over the weekend. The Friday night session will start with an introduction to the theme and some collective meditation (7-9pm). The Saturday session will begin with our joining the regular Saturday morning 10am meditation at the centre, but then continuing at the centre until around 1pm. And the last session is on Sunday from 9am to 1pm. Those participating on these retreats will be asked to attend all these sessions, for the full duration. If you can only make two of the three weekend sessions or can only stay for half a session, the continuity and integrity of the weekend will be compromised. In which case it is best to not attend this time, and instead start planning for the next one.

Body Balance
Playful movement to free the body
9am - 1pm Sunday 3 August Cost - $40
Become more alive, open and at ease with Prajnalila and Thames mitras Andrea Gill and Kate Ewing 
Wear loose comfortable clothing.

Workshop & non-residential retreat dates for 2014 

Workshops - Sundays 9am - 1pm
3 August 
12 October
14 December

Non Residential Retreats - Fridays 7-9pm plus Saturday and Sunday 9am - 1pm
5-7 September
7-9 November

Auckland Buddhist Centre Residential Retreats

click here to book for any of our upcoming residential retreats   

Living Silence - Womens Retreat 
1-3 August @ Bella Rakha
A retreat for women who are familiar with the Mindfulness of Breathing and Metta Bhavana practices. The retreat will include lots of meditation and silence and is an opportunity to explore living silence using the Buddhas Four Foundations of Mindfulness. 
Led by Dianne May, Akampiya and team. Begins 7pm Friday 1 August and ends mid afternoon Sunday 3 August. Cost $240/$190

JUST THIS -  Spring Meditation Seishin
9-17 August @ Sudarshanaloka
JUST THIS Spring sesshin at Sudarshanaloka with Prajnalila, 4pm Saturday 9 — 2pm Sunday 17 August 2014
Eight days mindful sitting, walking, sitting, becoming more present, deepening attention, acceptance and appreciation, beauty and ease in our everyday, becoming alive to this moment, right here, right now.
Open to all familiar with our practices. Cost $510/$460

The Moon Freed from Clouds
Buddhist Recovery Network Retreat
22-24 August @ Sudarshanaloka
During this retreat we will use the training principles of the five precepts. Come and work with the Five Buddhist Precepts designed to transform suffering and create joy. 
7pm Friday to 3pm Sunday. Led by Navachitta and Punyasri. Cost $240/$190

Calm and Clear Beginners Meditation Retreat
5-7 September @ Sudarshanaloka
This retreat is an introduction to the Mindfulness of Breathing meditation practice which is one of two principal meditation practices 
through which we can develop calmer more concentrated and positive states of mind. See also our Cultivating Emotional Freedom Retreats. 
Led by Guhyasiddhi. Cost $240/$190

Family Retreat 
3-7 October @ Sudarshanaloka
Led by Minh Truong and team
Cost to be advised

Labour Weekend Order/Mitra Retreat
24-27 October @ Sudarshanaloka
Led by Ratnavyuha and Navachitta
Cost $285/235

Cultivating Emotional Freedom Beginners Meditation Retreat
7-9 November @ Sudarshanaloka
This retreat is an introduction to the Metta Bhavana which is a meditation practice that cultivates loving kindness. 
This is one of two principal meditation practices through which we can develop calmer more concentrated and positive states of mind. 
See also our Calm and Clear retreats. Led by Bhadrakari. Cost $240/$190

Contemplative Photography and Meditation Retreat
21-23 November @ Sudarshanaloka
Cost $240/$190 

Mandala, Meditation & Mantra Retreat
28 - 30 November @ Sudarshanaloka
Led by Penny Brownlee & Akasadaka
Cost $240/$190

Buddhist Recovery Network Retreat
5-7 December @ Sudarshanaloka
Led by Navachitta and Punyasri
Cost $240/$190

Holistic Pulsing Retreat
12-14 December @ Sudarshanaloka
Led by Natalie Grace 
Cost $240/$190

Open Retreat at Sudarshanloka
30 December to 4 January 2015
Led by Nagabodhi
Nagabodhi is a senior member of our order and president of the Auckland Buddhist Centre. He lives in the UK. Every two years we are fortunate to have him visiting Auckland. This five day retreat is open to everyone from the Auckland Buddhist Centre who is familiar with our practices and  wants to spend a weekend on retreat with sangha. Bookings essential. Cost $375/$325.

Open Retreat at Sudarshanaloka
20-22 February 2015
Led by Vessantara and Vijayamala
Bookings essential. Cost $240/$190

Mitra Retreat at Sudarshanaloka
23 February to 1 March 2015
Led by Vessantara and Vijayamala
Vessantara has been an Order member since 1974. He has run Buddhist centres, acted as secretary to Sangharakshita, been overall Order Convenor and spent years living in retreat centres. He is the author of several books, including guides to the buddhas, bodhisattvas and tantric deities and books on breathing meditation and loving kindness meditation. In 2008-2011 he spent over three years in meditation retreat in a wooden circus wagon in France. He has made several very successful visits to Triratna centres in Australasia before giving talks and leading retreats. This will be his first visit to NZ since 2001 and he is very much looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. He has a website at

Vijayamala has been exploring how to keep meditation alive and relevant for more than 30 years. She was ordained in 1992 and worked to set up and run Buddhist Right Livelihood businesses and communities for many years.  For the last 12 years she has been focusing more exclusively on meditation practice. Since coming back from her 3-year retreat 3 years ago she  teaches full time within Triratna. She is very much looking forward to connecting up with the sangha in this part of the world and sharing some very useful practice tools that she has been working with.

Bookings essential. Cost $420/$370.